Gary Kinsey

Gary Kinsey’s career has been greatly influenced by his strong belief in community engagement and service to others.  Coming from a very civic minded family, his journey in developing personal leadership capacity began at an early age.  Those experiences led to student government leadership roles in college, and later to extensive leadership service in Rotary International, on various city commissions and eventually to elected office as a school district board of trustees member and president of the board.  He believes that leaders need an ability to bring a variety of personalities and resources together to develop a vision and to achieve a common goal.  “It is important to be a good listener, a good communicator, a motivator and to possess good organizational skills.”  Additionally, Dr. Kinsey teaches the importance of engaging stakeholders in developing and realizing the mission.  “Everyone must be working to ensure equitable learning opportunities and high expectations for all.”

Dr. Kinsey is a Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at California State University Channel Islands (CI).  His administrative roles and teaching in the public sector have included thirty-three years of service both at the university and in California P-12 school districts.  His university administrative roles have included associate vice-president for academic affairs, dean, associate dean, and director.  His administrative roles in P-12 school districts have included high school director of student activities, principal at all levels (elementary, middle school and high school), and state regional director for both the Central Valley Middle School and Central Valley High School networks.

Some of the recognition that Dr. Kinsey has received professionally, includes the California Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA) Distinguished Service Award in 2009, the Association of California School Administrator’s (ACSA) State Professor of Education of the Year award in 2008, the Cal Poly Pomona Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in 2005, and the Fresno County Office of Education’s 1992 School District Administrator of the Year Award. 

Additionally, he is a past President of both the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) and the California Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA). He has served on both organizations’ executive boards for over ten years.  He currently serves on the executive board for the International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership (formerly NCPEA).