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CAPEA 2024 

Virtual Fall Conference 

Theme:  Engaging New Visions for the Futures of Education and Educational Leadership 

 Dates: October 24-26 

Pre-conference: Oct. 24

Conference: Oct. 25-26) 

Location: Virtual Via Zoom Platform


April 24, 2024 at 3:00pm

Mentoring Mosaic Speaker Series

Facilitated by Dr. Noni Reis,  San Jose State University

The CAPEA Mentoring Mosaic Committee has scheduled a webinar, “Leadership Practices: Successful Peer Mentoring along a Path from K-12 through Higher Education"  This series has a variety of scholars each month that share their experiences and research agendas. Registration information will be posted to the CAPEA website. Zoom Link 


Who We Are

CAPEA is an organization of professors from private and public colleges or universities dedicated to the education of school leaders. 

We seek to vitalize the discourse necessary for blending theory and practice in ways consistent with current research and future projections. We also seek to strengthen networks with other professional and public entities for the continued improvement of education in California.

Research Grant Available

CAPEA members can apply for support of a research project up to $2000.  Download the application and submit it now.

We are an organization dedicated to the following beliefs:

9. That the profession benefits from the ongoing renewal of ideas and perspectives afforded by the very existence of this organization.


The CAPEA Journal, Journal of Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development, invites you to serve as a reviewer. 

If you are a continuing reviewer, please update this form and include any changes to your areas of expertise. Be sure to include your email address and phone number. New reviewers should complete the reviewer application and submit it here. Once you submit the continuing reviewer update or new reviewer application, you’ll receive new articles in your area of expertise to review throughout the year. Our next issue will be Volume 35. Thank you to all of the reviewers for your time and effort in ensuring the continuity of the journal.  


Read our Special Issue #2

Journal of Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development

For further information contact Editors:

Dr. Chuck Flores 

Dr. Mari Gray

Journal Managing Editors:

Becky Sumbera, Ed.D.

Noni Reis, Ed.D.



2023 Leading While Female ICON Award: 

Angela Louque