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CAPEA Board 2018-19

Back row: RD Nordgren (Past President); Becky Sumbera (President Elect); Glenn Sewell (At Large); Cliff Tyler (ACSA Liaison); Susan Belenardo (At Large); Mari Gray (Journal Editor) 
Middle row: Sonia Rodriguez (Membership & Promotion Officer); Ursula Reveles Estrada (Secretary/Treasurer); Noni Reis (President); Ardella Dailey & Mei-Yan Lu (Social Justice Liaisons).
Front row: Brooke Soles (Communications Officer & Webmaster)

CAPEA is an organization of professors from private and public colleges or universities dedicated to the education of school leaders. 

We seek to vitalize the discourse necessary for blending theory and practice in ways consistent with current research and future projections. We also seek to strengthen networks with other professional and public entities for the continued improvement of education in California.

OCTOBER 25 & 26 
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CAPEA Board 2019-2021
Due Tuesday, October 8, 2019
CAPEA is seeking self or colleague nominations of candidates to serve as CAPEA Board members for the 2019-2021 term. See link above for more details.