Educational Leadership and Administration: 
Teaching and Program Development
Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development is a refereed journal published yearly since 1988. Open/Free access to the PDF format of the CAPEA Journal is available to CAPEA and ICPEL members and our University Library Subscribers.  You can download prior journal volumes in PDF from the links below.

Closed: Call for Papers Volume 34

Volume 34 Call for Papers: Journal of Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development

Volume 34 is accepting paper submissions from November 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022. All papers must follow the submission guidelines and be emailed to by the established deadline. We also encourage submission from graduate students in Educational Leadership.

For further information contact the Volume 34 Editors:
Becky Sumbera, Ed.D.
Noni Reis, Ed.D.

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