2021-22 CAPEA Executive Board

Ardella Dailey, California State University, East Bay
Ursula Estrada-Reveles, Riverside County Office of Education
Wesley Henry, University of Redlands
Sonia Rodriguez, National University
Becky Sumbera, California State University San Bernardino

We are an organization dedicated to the following beliefs:

That we are committed to developing school leaders who have the best interests of preschool through adult learners at heart

That we are preparing leaders for an Information Age and a global society

That education includes values, attitudes, skills and knowledge to assist students in becoming meaningful participants in global society

That cultural diversity in changing communities presents opportunities for schools to develop meaningful curricula

That the education profession benefits from a professoriate in educational administration which cooperates with the profession and provides independent criticism and support

That the professional preparation of educational administrators should fundamentally be conducted by active, full time faculty, blending teaching, scholarship, service and research

That a primary function of the professoriate is to identify a knowledge base benefiting from a diversity of philosophical views and approaches

That the organization is committed to collaboration with appropriate professional organizations and agencies -- for example, Association of California School Administrators, California School Leadership Academy, Commission on Teacher Credentialing

That the profession benefits from the ongoing renewal of ideas and perspectives afforded by the very existence of this organization.