CalAPA Implementation Think Tanks

The scheduled Think Tanks for May have been cancelled.  The CTC is encouraging you to attend the June 21-22 meeting in Madera where they will delve deeply into the CalAPA.

June CalAPA Workshop Registration

The Commission’s CalAPA June 21-22, 2018 two day summer workshop will focus on reviewing the recently approved CAPEs, APA Design Standards, and the newly piloted CalAPA Cycles, rubrics and support materials.  Approved preliminary administrator programs and partner districts are invited to bring teams of 4 to 6 professionals to the workshop.  CTC staff, Evaluation Systems staff, and CalAPA Design Team members will provide technical assistance to teams as they discuss and think about how to embed the CalAPA into their currently approved program courses, field work, and clinical practice. Recently the CTC was granted funding by the Wallace Foundation to support CalAPA technical assistance and program planning.  Wallace Foundation funding will cover costs for teams to attend the two day workshop including breakfast, lunch, workshop materials and transportation from the hotel to the conference center. In addition, participants will be reimbursed for their hotel and dinner.  Each participant will need to cover their own travel costs to and from the workshop. The registration for this event can be found at

Click here to view the latest draft of the realigned Performance and Content Expectations.