Initial Impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) Policy on Preparation Programs 

Become a CA Assessor for the CalAPA

Join the Commission in the Exciting Work of Scoring the Commission’s Model Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) and Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA).

The Commission is seeking current California teachers, administrators, and faculty who help prepare beginning teachers and/or administrators to participate in operational scoring of the CalTPA and CalAPA.  Operational training and scoring will begin in fall 2018. Training and calibration will involve a combination of at-home preparation and in-person training sessions offered in Northern and Southern California.  Scoring will be completed online through a secure portal.  Assessors will be paid for their time in training, calibration and scoring. For more information about assessor qualifications and to apply, visit www.ctcpa.nesinc.com.

Administrator Performance Assessment (APA)
GayRoby, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Charles Weiss, Ardella Dailey, Keith Myatt, & Alan Enomoto

San Jose State University
March 2, 2018

California Administrator Performance Assessment

CalAPA CAPEA Presentation
The Bahia, San Diego
October 28, 2017

CTC Update

Thank you Peg Winkelman for submitting the following notes from the most recent CTC board meeting:

At the CTC meeting on Thursday, June 15, 2017, CAPEA members spoke in support of the 3E Information/Action item and the Commission approved the request to make 2018-19 a Non-consequential Administration Year for CalAPA (California Administrator Performance Exam). The text of the item is included below. The Commission also discussed requiring two instead of three CalAPA inquiry cycles, which was discussed and recommended by CAPEA members at the spring conference CalAPA working session based on university pilot study feedback.

Executive Summary: This agenda item presents an update on the efforts to develop the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA). This item also asks the Commission to consider making 2018-19 a non-consequential year of administration of the CalAPA so that Administrative Services Credential Preparation Programs and candidates have sufficient time to prepare for the APA. 

This item discusses the benefits of allowing for a non-consequential year of administration and scoring of the CalAPA in 2018-19. Following the completion of the field test, final revisions will be made to the CalAPA cycles, rubrics, and program and candidate support materials. Programs will then begin administering the CalAPA to all enrolled preliminary administrator candidates in 2018-19. With the addition of a non-consequential year, candidates would submit responses, ES would manage the scoring of candidate submissions, final scores would be returned to programs and candidates, but not used to make a recommendation for the preliminary credential. Passing the CalAPA would then be required of all candidates beginning in 2019-20 for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

This agenda item presents an update on efforts to develop an Administrator Performance Assessment (APA) based on the Administrator Performance Assessment Design Standards adopted at the Commission’s February 2016 meeting and the revised California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPEs) adopted at the June 2016 meeting. Approval of the CAPEs at the June 2016 meeting allowed the Commission staff, an appointed Administrator Performance Assessment Design Team (Appendix A), and the Commission’s technical contractor, Evaluation Systems group of Pearson (ES), to initiate the design and development of the Commission’s model APA, which is called the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA).

CAPEA also supported item 3F: Realignment of the Preliminary Administrative Services Content and Performance Expectations

Executive Summary: This agenda item proposes a realignment of the content and performance expectations for the preliminary Administrative Services Credential, bringing them into closer alignment with one another and the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL).

CalAPA Implementation Think Tanks

The scheduled Think Tanks for May have been cancelled.  The CTC is encouraging you to attend the June 21-22 meeting in Madera where they will delve deeply into the CalAPA.

June CalAPA Workshop Registration

The Commission’s CalAPA June 21-22, 2018 two day summer workshop will focus on reviewing the recently approved CAPEs, APA Design Standards, and the newly piloted CalAPA Cycles, rubrics and support materials.  Approved preliminary administrator programs and partner districts are invited to bring teams of 4 to 6 professionals to the workshop.  CTC staff, Evaluation Systems staff, and CalAPA Design Team members will provide technical assistance to teams as they discuss and think about how to embed the CalAPA into their currently approved program courses, field work, and clinical practice. Recently the CTC was granted funding by the Wallace Foundation to support CalAPA technical assistance and program planning.  Wallace Foundation funding will cover costs for teams to attend the two day workshop including breakfast, lunch, workshop materials and transportation from the hotel to the conference center. In addition, participants will be reimbursed for their hotel and dinner.  Each participant will need to cover their own travel costs to and from the workshop. The registration for this event can be found at https://goo.gl/forms/24mEISxbjMDHAnbB2.

Click here to view the latest draft of the realigned Performance and Content Expectations.