Dear CAPEA Colleagues,

The Annual CAPEA Fall 2017 Conference is scheduled for October 27th and 28th at the Bahia Resort in San Diego.  An important part of the meeting agenda is the election of new officers and the appointment of Board members.  An Election Nominating Committee, comprising five CAPEA past presidents, has been formed to co-facilitate the nominating process and election. 

The Call for Nominations has begun.  We invite you to read about the officer and Board positions and to consider self-nominating or nominating someone else who you believe would be interested, eligible, and a good match for one or more positions.  The work of CAPEA leadership is exciting and critical to enacting the mission and vision of this important organization. 

The open positions are:


-Whenever possible, the President-elect shall have served on the Board within the previous three years prior to election                
- Assists, consults with, and serves in the role of president in the absence of the President
- Coordinates the bi-annual conferences
- Succeeds to the office of President at the end of the term

- Records and distributes proceedings of meetings
- Serves as custodian of records
- Maintains the membership roster
- Collects and deposits all funds
- Prepares all checks
- Prepares and maintains financial records including appropriate IRS forms each year.

Board Member-At-Large (elect 4)
- Is an active participant in decisions made by the Board on behalf of the members
- Provides input into CAPEA policies, procedures, and plans for the future
- Provides timely reports to the Board as required

Nominations are due by October 6th.  Click here to access the nominating form.  Please submit nominations to Linda Purrington at  The election will occur at the fall Conference.  For more information about the fall Conference, October 27th and 28th, at the Bahia Resort in San Diego and to register go to and click on Conferences tab.  We look forward to seeing continuing and new members!


CAPEA Election Nominating Committee

Don Wise, Peg Winkelman, Wayne Padover, Delores Lindsey, & Linda Purrington