CAPEA Goals 2014-2015

Leadership Platform:

As co-presidents of CAPEA for 2014-15, we commit our time, skills, and resources to support CAPEA’s Mission and five Areas of Focus. We call upon the officers and CAPEA members to join us to renew your commitment to this organization and Mission by engaging in six organizational goals for this year. These goals are aligned with the Mission and the Focus Areas.

CAPEA Goals for 2014-15:

Design, develop and share program information to support 21st Century Learning and Leading Education Administration Programs, including components of diversity, equity, and technology for 21st Century schools. (Transition Plans and new Program Plans) Design, develop, implement, and support Coaching for Culturally Proficient Leadership Practices induction/mentoring model. Expand our proactive relationship with the state legislature and CTC to advocate for policies and processes that support comprehensive and inclusive criteria for effective leadership knowledge and skills for credential requirements. Increase our membership to reflect the diverse needs of our profession and the communities our students serve. Enhance and encourage research by our members that is published in our CAPEA Journal and presented at our Fall Conference. (Proposed $1000 research grant) Enhance and expand website presence for members as a communication tool to support research, advocacy, equity, and our role as professors of education administration.